4×4 Jam HD Invictus Games already has successful experience of developing games for Android devices: not so long ago released a good-quality Daytona Rush. But the latest product is a 4×4 Jam HD.

Despite the fact that the game boasts significant achievements in the field of graphics, we recommend you take a closer look to in-game features.

Probably, many faced with the fact that racing games can quickly become bored if they are lacking in diversity. 4×4 Jam HD this is not a problem. We are two game modes “career” and “quick race”.

The career campaign will grace us with a presence of about 50 different races: sprint, capture the flag, race shootout, and the like. The competition will be held at several scenic locations, offering our opponents to five rivals; the length of the races will also vary. Also allows free movement around the world, allowing you to enjoy a beautifully detailed environment.

But all is not rosy with the economic processes within the 4×4 Jam HD for Android. In the early stages, even at the lowest difficulty level, you will encounter problems with getting the game currency, which is required not only to purchase new cars, but contributions to access the races. It is obvious that game balance is not established at all, it suffers from the dynamics of passing for career mode.

The developers have taken care of the opportunity to spend our hard-earned $0.99 to the $30,000 that are able, for example, to solve the problem of getting a really good vehicle. But agree, don’t feel too comfortable when you’re literally trying to impose the so-called “free-to-play”. This does not mean that their efforts and time will not provide you with some local success, but will need to be patient.

Now let’s again about the good. To control the game transport you have several options. We can use the accelerometer or buttons on the screen of the device; you can also use the function of auto-acceleration, which would clearly be useful on certain tracks. Besides, the possibility of manipulation of the camera view while riding. In General, confidently consider the implementation of the control the advantages of the game.

To summarize, let me suggest to consider the choice of this arcade with caution. Of course, even the naked eye can see that the process of project development had spent a lot of effort, but certain elements of the gameplay, which was mentioned above, require good tuning, in our opinion. Well, we can hope for updates, because the game has the potential to compete for prizes in the race with the best representatives of the genre.

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