The success of a game indicates the number of “clones” or games that were somehow inspired by a particular project. To be honest, Clash of Kings is very similar to the Game of War, but that did not stop the game to find your unique style, through which you can speak honestly about the independence and usefulness.

Clash of Kings for Android starts with you – the king, who took city after the liberation from the Nazi invaders. It is not clear who they are and how the city was lost, but the goal is very clear. You need to rebuild the settlement and to train a new army. At the very least.

For development, you need resource buildings – factories, sawmills and the like. Almost all the resources go into creating an army: militia, infantry, cavalry, etc. a Certain part of them is spent on countless updates and improvements. The process of “growth” is quite slow, so patience will come in handy.

You will always meet with the timers. 4 minutes to create one unit of troops, a lot more to upgrade and research. This is a common story in Freemium projects, which still never ceases to irritate…

The city is developing gradually, the army is getting bigger and already has thousands of soldiers… This process occurs with incorruptible interest. But if you don’t want to wait for real money, all can be done very quickly. On the other hand, with the right approach you even a penny you will spend.

The key thing in Clash of Kings – alliances (unions). In other words, combining players into groups, which operate and develop together. Alliance members can help each other in the construction and military operations. For example, you can meet and defeat a large enemy.

Clash of Kings looks very inviting if we evaluate the spectrum of a particular genre. Building and the units are well drawn and detailed. Upgrades make them even more beautiful and more impressive. The army is on the outskirts of your city to observe its growth and development is also very interesting.

Before you decent military game, in which you can play every day, “little by little”. It is spectacular, diverse, beautiful, and such that requires strategic thinking. Download it and try it, you might like it!

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