Crossy Road Crossy Road is a new (for Android, iOS came out before), “endless arcade hopper” from Hipster Whale. The game is based on an 8-bit arcade game Frogger, but instead of finishing on one side of the screen, your path will have a length of absolute infinity.

Crossy Road will force you to avoid hitting the vehicles in the middle of busy streets and train tracks. Also, you will jump in the water, though quite rarely. The project was very high quality in all senses, so he simply could not ignore the editorial

Tap on the screen triggers the character advancement forward. To move left, right or back you need to swipe in the appropriate direction. From trucks and cars that drive at different speeds on both sides to Dodge hard enough.

With the train it’s much easier – his travel is reported using a traffic light, but at close contact, no reaction will not be enough in order to jump back from him in time. When crossing rivers it is even worse in water, can not jump, have to jump on the moving wooden blocks. The screen is constantly moving forward because you can die even from that stagnated in one place…

Unlike Frogger, the game Crossy Road for Android is endless. So every step forward will bring you more virtual money. Also, the title is not one character, and as many as 50. It all starts with the chicken, but as you progress you can unlock others.

New characters don’t affect gameplay, because of the parameters of movement at all absolutely identical. Differs only in their appearance, animation, and effects. The developers have put a lot of popular jokes and memes because to play a double pleasure.

As expected for the genre of “endless runners”, Crossy Road is causing crazy addictive. The leaderboard is on the Internet and among friends motivates to set new records, and the systematic appearance of new characters leaves fresh sensation from repetitive gameplay.

Crossy Road is the popular pixel graphics in the style of Minecraft. Personally, I couldn’t call myself a fan of this approach, however, in the spectrum of 8-bit Frogger it turned out great. Another nice caveat is that the draft works in any screen orientation. The music here is almost there, but the funny sound effects you will love. Most of the characters have their own set of sounds.

It’s true that the guys from Hipster Whale have managed to create a great game – endlessly fun and incredibly addictive, even though to some “primitive” at first sight. In addition, the project is distributed completely for free!

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