Evolution: Battle for Utopia The Play store is overflowing with games that seemingly should belong to the same genre, but actually are completely different. Unsuspecting gamers cool read the description and imagine a real masterpiece, but with no result.

Most of the screenshots of the Evolution: Battle for Utopia looks bright sharp visuals in 3D, deep story, unique combat system… And only one of them shows that this is a regular management strategy like King’s Empire.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia for Android combines three genres – Action, strategy and RPG. In fact the developers managed to create a balanced system in terms of gameplay, but the characters and story attention.

Do not think that in the game is not enough dialogue and interaction with the characters. All of this is, as it should be for the RPG genre, that’s just the General background they felt small and not particularly important. The characters (including the protagonist) seem to be kind of soulless and stereotypical. On the other hand, Evolution involves several strengths, which allowed her to gain popularity.

You take the role of commander who needs to establish and develop a base on a distant planet. The game offers you to perform various tasks before the right place will be protected and prepared for terraforming. It all starts maps where you need to pick a point and send back the main along with a robot companion. Along the way you’ll bump into objects, enemies and friends.

A few words about the combat system. This side is the most beautiful and high quality, as all battles take place in near-console quality 3D graphics and animation. The system is very simple and relies more on reflexes than on tactical actions. You need to choose the right time to attack with grenades or use special abilities. Tap on enemies allows you to shoot faster, timely recharge brings bonuses, etc. Different kinds of enemies require different approaches to their destruction.

After the main base will be built, the technology of terraforming turns the desolate, wild district in the fertile and utopian Paradise. On this basis it is possible to learn new technologies, gather resources, develop weapons, etc. Evolution: Battle for Utopia will delight all who love the game of such kind, for the rest nothing special about it.

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