Knights & Snails The heroic adventures of the knight with his team received exciting form of fun toys called Knights & Snails.

Knight game for Android across not so often, but there are. To him quite unexpectedly joins a project for Knights & Snails from Studio Digital Knights. Its main feature is that we believe in combine several genres – strategy, RPG, fighting with spear and puzzles. If you go through several stages of training, you will want to play on. And it’s worth it.

The world of Knights & Snails (“Knights & snails” — translated from English. language) can be called a colorfully cartoonish and a little daring. The focus of the characters, the subtle humor in the dialogues, interesting literary devices – the developers have tried over every nuance of their offspring.

Mechanics did not disappoint. And although the essence of the gameplay is quite simple, it is difficult to explain it due to a certain abstractness. In fact, your task will be to control an army of knights who are moving on the map and participate in tournaments.

“Battlefield” is a strip of card heroes. You can attack either of the opponents opposite, or just a random opponent (if unoccupied) or the knight, if he is the only one on the lane. The match also can be 3 times to move the cards on the field.

Before the battle, the team can be equipped with “Champions” — special characters that go under your control as you progress. The number of Champions in a battle is limited by the available number of “hearts” on the team.

The fight between the two knights gameplay similar to Flappy Bird. A tap on the screen you need to get a marker inside the green zone. The end result depends on the characteristics of each knight, your reaction and luck. The winner is the team with the most points in the final. The tournaments are different rules. For example, more points are given for the first rounds, but somewhere in the last.

Despite the fact that the rounds are played in a similar vein, the interest is added thanks to the new mechanics, new enemies, bonuses and the element of chance. Knights & Snails for Android uses a free-to-play model, that is, for every battle you need to pay virtual currency, which is refilled either over time or for real money. Any other advertising or unfair extortion of funds here.

Knights & Snails is a strange but fun game with a pronounced strategic dimension. Why in the name refers to the snails? One of the characters gives the answer to this question: “In your shell, they are also unwieldy, like knights in armor. However, as knights, revered by the people.” Our recommendations!

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